a life

此款視覺設計,運用毛筆自由的書寫出a life呈現出自然灑脫不做作之感覺,以手寫之方式賦予品牌濃厚的人情味,圓圈將這溫暖與幸福包覆住使這美好情感永不失散。大量的使用墨色勾畫,簡單俐落的烙印出這自然樸實的生活,而墨延展性強而多變呈現出我們堅韌生命力。

Use a brush to write out the name of the brand “a life” showing the freedom and natural feature. We want to reveal a warm human touch from the brand through hand writing. The circle in the logo means the warm feeling will be hold together by it. We use only ink black symbolize some kind of simple life style. And the ink represents the exuberant vitality of plant.

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