Apple Ring Space 蘋果圈圈

執行項目 Project:品牌診斷、品牌定位、品牌顧問、行銷企劃、CIS規劃、 Logo設計、標準字設計、標準色制定
合作客戶 Client:Apple Ring Space 蘋果圈圈
製作統籌 Creative Agency:斯邁創意
2018年 國際藝術設計大賽-品牌

蘋果圈圈 美好生活圈 蘋果在19世紀中被譽為健康的代名詞,在現代變成為最方便與美味的水果之一,蘋果的美味與營養價值,更是蘋果圈圈想追求的品牌精神,蘋果圈圈不只想把美味與營養價值圈起來,並想把生活樂趣與人際活動圈起來。 以蘋果為LOGO設計概念來延續品牌精神,不規則的色塊,傳達出用最真實健康的食材來料理,無非想讓蘋果圈圈的顧客都可以品嘗健康與美味,手感Apple Ring Space字型更傳達出人與人之間自然的互動。粉桃紅色系的運用帶出品牌的活潑特色與愉快的環境氛圍,綠色葉子更讓消費者有天然健康的聯想。

Apple Ring Space, Circle of Beautiful Life Having an apple a day was regarded as part of important healthy diet in the 19th century. And now, apple has become one of the most convenient and delicious fruits for people. The delicious and nutritious value of apples is the spirit of the brand that Apple Ring Space wants to convey. Apple Ring Space not only want customers to embrace its enticing taste and nutrition value, but also want them to fill the joy of life and thinking of Apply Ring Space with their social time. So, we use apple in our LOGO design concept to extend the spirit of the brand, no rule for shapes but convey the message for eating the most authentic and healthy ingredients for the food so people can feel healthy and delightful from having the Apple Ring Space. The letter font we design for Apple Ring Space is similar to handwriting. It is to show the natural interaction between people. The use of fuchsia color brings out the brand's lively characteristics and a pleasant atmosphere on the package, and the green leaf will connect people with natural and healthy thoughts.

Apple ring VIS
Apple ring 桌牌