執行項目 Project:品牌診斷、品牌定位、品牌顧問、行銷企劃、 CIS規劃、 包裝設計、店面規劃施工
合作客戶 Client:GOAT COFFEE
製作統籌 Creative Agency:斯邁創意
2015年 K-Design-品牌設計獎
2019年 國際藝術設計大賽-品牌
2019年 包豪斯獎-品牌
2020年 巴黎DNA設計大獎-品牌、LOGO


Sometime during the sixth century AD, goats discovered the coffee bean. If we look back to the origins of coffee, then we must use the best quality of coffee bean, and roasting skill, to represent our brand of "Goat Coffee." Moreover, we have decided to use the image of a goat as the basis of the brand's logo, to best represent the origin of coffee. The logo can be a symbol of the history and professionalism of our "Goat Coffee" brand. Regarding the color scheme, we have used blue, gray, and light colors, to give people an impression of stability and elegance, which also brings to mind European nobility. We believe "Goat Coffee" will stand out amongst other coffee brands!