西元6世紀衣索比亞的山羊,發現了咖啡豆,西元2014年的山羊咖啡,帶著原始的初衷與山羊座的特質,為了最初的目標,也為了分享濃郁的美味而努力。 「GOAT COFFEE」用心製作每一杯咖啡,想讓您用自己喜愛的方式去品嚐, 「GOAT COFFEE」不做浮誇多餘的行銷,想讓每個人都能輕鬆無負擔的品嚐,「GOAT COFFEE」提供良好的工作環境,想讓每個伙伴都像家人一樣, 「一起生活的共好幸福」是「GOAT COFFEE」對品牌精神的定義。

We look back to the origins of coffee, we have decided to use the image of a goat as the basis of the brand's logo, to best represent the origin of coffee. The logo can be a symbol of the history and professionalism of our "Goat Coffee" brand. Regarding the color scheme, we have used blue, gray, and light colors, to give people an impression of stability and elegance, which also brings to mind European nobility. We believe "Goat Coffee" will stand out amongst other coffee brands!

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